Welcome !!

Hello ..
Let me, George, extend you a warm welcome !!!
to my abode in cyberspace ..!!
A humble fan of Gnu / Linux because been using that system very religiously
for the past four years for my research work at IIT Bombay as also for academics at Goa.
Also finds a pride of place on my home PC for SOHO ( small office, home office use
I also write on social/economic/world peace issues ..
Shall be putting up some of my writings here very soon ..
Flash :
Richard Stallman, formerly MIT & Founder of Gnu / Free Software Foundation
talking in IIT Bombay on 23 rd March, 2002, Saturday at 4 PM., CONVO HALL
Topic : Free Software Movement and Gnu / Linux Operating System
Here is an update on that
Academics :
The OSHA 3125 Ergonomics pdf doc for Third year Mechanical Engg. students at College of Engineering, Goa

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